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Gearbox has a wild sense of humor and they bring it even further in Borderlands 2, offering a much richer story that is filled with an arsenal of new weapons. Can Gearbox follow-up on their surprise hit, or has the well gone dry? Regardless, though, combat is still incredibly addictive as strategically planning a situation in the midst of battle can be quite frantic. Do you choose the slightly weaker weapon that has the chance to gradually melt their skin, or do you pick the highest damage count you can find? The playable characters from the first game make grand appearances in their own ways that have crucial consequences to the overall story. Every single significant NPC is unique in the sense that their personality is something else. For example, Tiny Tina is a thirteen year old girl who loves explosives, but has a few loose screws in her head, and the returning Mordecai is apparently an obsessive drunk who has a better shot when he has a bottle in his hand.

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In PvE , there are 3 distinct Teams. A wolf might focus a neutral deer, for example, or it may ignore it in favor of player characters. Team Swapping The player may encounter certain events that cause team swapping to occur. For example, while fighting Slothasor , eating a mushroom will transform the player into a slubling. As a slubling, any prior skills they had used now become hostile towards players and any player used skills may damage the slubling.

This means that when Borderlands 2 is released — September 18th, in North America and September 21st, internationally — all copies of the PC version will utilize Steamworks features like multiplayer matchmaking, Steam Cloud support, Steam Achievements, auto-updating and more.

Can anyone explain how these CD key websites work? How can they possibly sell the game for 20 bucks? Does Steam have some sort of CD key programme where it sells keys to websites on the cheap, or what? While some cd-key sites do not always sell these keys, some do, and many if not all , do sell them at release, before anyone knows about the restrictions.

One case happened with Skyrim – many people opted for the cheaper Russian keys, installed it on the day of release only to discover that they required a Russian IP address, not only to active the game like some other games , but from what I understand, to actually play the game too – every time they play it. So what that means of course, is that some people may have ‘s of games in the Steam account – they then buy the Russian Skyrim and activate, and the game is useless without a Russian VPN.

Because it’s now in their Steam library, they cannot buy the non-Russian version at any other store, as it will come up as them already owning it, so they are fucked. Personally, I don’t give a shit if anyone buys from cdkey stores, it’s none of my business – I don’t myself, but I’ve bought ‘s of games from the US Steam store, and imported many PS3 games, so I obviously don’t have a problem with that.

What I do have a problem with however, is the way these backyard cdkey salesmen go about their business, potentially fucking over customers, by not always telling customers upfront how they operate, and the risks involved. A lot of people were caught out with Skyrim. And you see how it could happen here too – so many questions about Borderlands 2, but still cdkey stores are happy to sell it now, ask questions later, without a care for customers should they find it does have regional restrictions.

It looks like it wont have a problem besides having a 2nd useless Russian copy of the game in your library – again no mention of this by cdkey stores , but it’s been up to the customers to discover that, via the potential misfortune of others who bought it first. Another problem I have is with OzBargain listing these stores without any distinction between unauthorized stores cdkey stores like g2play, cjs, the one above etc , and authorized stores who have to make deals with distributors to be able to sell the games GreenManGaming, Steam, GetGames etc.

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Share Copy After Borderlands 2, fans were expecting from 2K to complete the trilogy with Borderlands 3, but they had some other plans. The Pre-Sequel was announced and today, it has been released on PC along with other platforms. Although the PC port of the game is looking good uses the same engine as Borderlands 2 , there are some minor issues that can be annoying if a fix cannot be found soon enough.

To help you out, we have shortlisted the most common issues with possible workarounds to fix them. For more help on Borderlands:

Sep 18,  · Borderlands 2 no longer uses Gamespy from what I can tell but instead uses better integration with Steam for matchmaking and game hosting. The matchmaking and hosting system worked perfectly well for me after the game was released at 11pm CST.

Striking a foe gives you a chance to apply vulnerability. Deal increased damage to targets with vulnerability. When you strike foes that have vulnerability, siphon life from them. Gain increased ferocity while dual-wielding weapons. When you attack while wielding a sword, gain a stack of vicious laceration. This can be stacked up to five times. When one of your attacks is blocked, your next attacks will be unblockable.

Use Jade Winds when you are downed. Deal increased damage while downed. Call upon the Jade Wind to turn nearby enemies into jade, stunning them for a short duration. Gain might when using assassin stance skills.

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History[ edit ] The idea of GamersGate was conceived by Paradox Interactive in [6] after numerous fan requests for better access to Paradox’s games were finally answered in the form of direct downloads. After Paradox sold a game to an Argentine fan via a download link that was later removed, word spread on the Paradox forums and international fans began asking if they too could purchase video games through downloads.

On 20 November , the system was officially launched under the name “Gamer’s Gate”. Interest in the service grew such that in , after other publishers requested that Gamer’s Gate distribute their games as well, Paradox decided to separate the service into an independent company called “GamersGate”. GamersGate is a client-free service that does not require users to log on in order to play purchased games.

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Email Comment The Xbox One has achieved and provided many new fun games this generation. With better online features and party options, playing with friends has never been easier on Xbox Live. This can be seen in their approach to provide many cooperative experiences through popular game franchises like Gears of War and Halo. Many adopters of the original Xbox will know that playing Halo with a full team was extreme fun; as you would try your best to beat that one friend who would always screen cheat.

The idea of having a sci-fi console shooter centered around a multiplayer experience truly propelled the concept of the online home console. While consoles such as like the GameCube and PS2 had the potential for online connectivity, only the original Xbox truly invested in creating an online platform to connect gamers to their favorite games.

The Xbox One has streamlined this process by notifying you what your friends are playing and allowing to invite friends to online matches with relative ease. Xbox Live has further expanded its features such as creating online groups, setting up play dates, and posting screen-shots or clips on a shared community hub. Playing with your friends has never been easier and these are the top 15 cooperative games on Xbox One.

Minecraft allows your imagination to run wild and also gives players a lot of freedom. Do you want to build an awesome town? It requires huge amount of discovery for materials and recipes to support your endeavors. All while surviving against cute boxy shaped monsters seeking to destroy. This game lends itself to playing with friends and working together to build and explore.

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Borderlands 2 Review February 19, at 8: During a period of first person shooting popularity growth on consoles, Gearbox introduced a game built around a cooperative shooting experience, whose loot and level grinding mechanics rivaled that which you would find in an MMO or barebones single player RPG. Similarly to the first installment of the franchise, Borderlands 2 once again sets players into the lush world of Pandora, albeit a better realized version of the world.

Pandora is a living breathing gameplay venue stuffed to brim with loot to discover in its nooks and crannies, monsters to battle, and scenery to gawk at.

Borderlands 2 is an extremely entertaining shooter RPG but the RPG part of that equation needs some work. If you set your game in a vast open world, you should actually put something in that world.

Random Article Blend Borderlands has the distinction of being perhaps the first RPG shooter that actually felt like a shooter. Now that Gearbox Software has stumbled upon this magical formula, you can hardly blame them for trying not to shake things up too much. They definitely played it safe with Borderlands 2 but fortunately you’ll have fun anyway. The short-hand description for Borderlands is “Diablo with guns. You and up to three friends mow down hordes of enemies and then grab the randomized loot they upchuck all over the ground.

The loot includes weapons, shields, grenade mods and more. Once your bag’s stuffed with loot, you can head to a hub town or vending machine to sell off your unwanted items and resupply.

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Story matters more than most people think it does. The post-credits reveal shows the newly-minted Handsome Jack – complete with mask – choking the life out of corporate rival Tassiter. This would have been so much better if Tassiter had been a larger element of the story.

For the primary article on matchmaking in WvW, see World_versus_World#Matching_of_worlds. In WvW, there are 2 types of teams fighting each other. There are 3 player teams determined by your server, and 3 NPC teams.

Okay, so I’ve been playing Borderlands 2 for the week and as most know the Compatibility Pack was released so that you’re able to play Coop online. I can’t seem to download the compatibility pack even though I have. Well i turn on my xbox and i try to play borderlands 2 it comes up and says 1 when i try to download the pack now it won’t let me go online. Can’t play Borderlands 2 online with friend: It’s like Borderlands 2 just doesn’t realize I’m online in the least I ago and ever since I can’t even play locally.

The game just crashes. I can’t get Borderlands 2 to let me play online with my friend. I can connect to some other people, and he can also connect to some other people ‘Borderlands 2’ compatibility pack causing problems on Xbox As a result of the issue, players are unable to play online. How do I get people online to come play Borderlands 2 on the PS3: A download for Borderlands 2 on the Xbox that makes the game As a result, those affected have been unable to play with others online.

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Septeber 18, Price: Official website Steam Amazon There are two basic models for video game sequels. The first is to simply add more content of the type people have come to expect from the previous game, without significantly changing what has already proven successful in the first place. The second is to use the core of the previous game as a starting point for significant tinkering, experimenting with major new gameplay systems and designs that weren’t plausible for one reason or another the last time around.

Most games exist somewhere in a continuum between these two poles, trying to keep some of the old while embracing their fair share of new elements. For better or worse, Borderlands 2 positions itself closer to the “more of the same” pole.

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Players can now right-click items in the inventory to sell non-favorited items. The Boss Nova assault rifle will now correctly appear as blue rarity, rather than green and its stats will receive a slight boost. Players will no longer become permanently slowed when exiting a vehicle while under the slowing effect of a Cryovine. A notification to inform players that they must agree to the Terms of Service and PP to access SHiFT will now appear prior to displaying them in the main menu.

DLC customizations should no longer be unlocked when certain base game customizations are unlocked. Clients will no longer see placeholder graphics when joining into a 3 or 4 player game. Player inspect menu should now provide accurate data. Rocket launchers will no longer spawn with critical hit bonuses. Players with rocket launchers with a critical hit bonus will find that a random bonus has replaced the critical hit bonus. Players will no longer fail the Holodome Onslaught missions and become stuck when getting too close to the New-U station.

Frostfire weapon effects will now become inactive when switching to a different weapon. Inventory cards with long titles will now display the second line of the title in all languages. Oz Kits will now show comparison arrows on their item cards if the element types do not match. Players can now receive loyalty rewards for DLC characters.