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Ice maker won’t make ice With ice makers it is almost always one of two things. The ice maker itself, or the water valve. Figuring out which one is easy, and I will help explain.

Hi Djohnson, The refrigerator has a port on the rear to attach the water supply line. These ports are ¼ inch in size and accept ¼ inch copper or plastic tubing and connections.

Posts 8 I wish I could set this as a new post, as it is a continuation of the similar story. My jennair double door with lower freezer was dripping water. Entire unit is only 3 years old. I solved the drip oroblem by replacing the grommet that was clogged for the water evaporator tray. In doing this i had to access the interior of the freezer and remove everything right of the last panel.

This included all the trays and the icemaker. Again, the icemaker was working fine. I reinstalled everything and I have solved my problem other than the fact that the icemaker arm feel stiff and does not descend automatically.

Ice Maker Hook

This is not my first plumbing project with sharkbite fixtures. The connection site was corroded from weeping water that is acidic in our area no neutralizer for sometime by original owner , so when I saw this on HD, I decided to go with the sharkbite kit. Water off, ran the cutter around the old penetration on both sides.

Cleaned the pipe with sandpaper to remove any residual corrosion, pushed on the sharkbite coupler. Then, pushed on the shutoff that comes in the kit, pushed the PEX onto the shutoff. Used a pair of pliers for a little more torque than what I could get with my fingers.

Up to. Details about Ice Maker Hookup Kit 25 ft Self Piercing Valve 25 Feet Copper 3 viewed per hour. Ice Maker Hookup Kit 25 ft Self Piercing Valve 25 Feet Copper | Add to watch list. Seller information. dogblast.

So, the original regfrigerator GE model that came with the house my fiancee and I recently purchased is on the fritz a little, so we’re going to replace it. It was installed in , so I think it lived its life, and with broken drawers inside and other cosmetic issues along with the other stuff that’s happening with it, a replacement is the way we’re going to go.

It’s a basic refrigerator; freezer on top, fridge on the bottom, and both doors open the same way with the hinges on the far right. A basic, simple fridge that worked well for what appears to be many years. With the new stuff out these days, they have similar simple fridges like this, and then the fancier stuff. We’re looking at one GE model with an ice maker. My fiancee reminded me that with the ice maker needs a water line.

The closest water line is about 6 or 7 feet to the right of the refrigerator, which is a bathroom off the garage.

Kenmore Icemaker Shut Off arm Problem

How much to install a new ice maker? I have the ice maker kit, but don’t have any plumbing experience. Most commonly, a refrigerator’s water line is teed off of the kitchen’s cold water supply line, running behind, or under, the cabinetry and into the back of the appliance. This set up allows for the ice maker’s water supply shut off valve to be located in an easily accessible location under the kitchen sink.

Like many plumbing projects, the skill required to install an ice maker is minimal, but the costs of getting the installation wrong are high, which is why you should hire a licensed plumber to do the work for you. Another benefit of hiring a licensed plumber is that you can rest assured that the finished product will meet the latest code requirements for the Seattle area.

Need more information on Ice Maker Hook-Up Kits? Call us Toll-Free at () or email [email protected] Bell Parts Supply strives to provide a wide range of appliance parts for all major appliances, since , to households across the North America.

Won’t fill with water – The ice maker will not fill with water – There are a few things to check for A very LARGE problem in the last few years has been the self piercing shut off valve clogging up with calcium and junk! Replace the self piercing shut off valve with a drill type shut off valve. If the fill spout hose is clear of ice, possible the fill valve has failed. You can also make up a test cord and put volts to the fill valve alone to see if it is capable of passing water in to a bucket.

If the water supply lines are ok and the fill valve is functioning properly, you probably have a icemaker problem and may need a new one. This is often a low water problem, the fill valve and shut off valve are bad for getting a build up inside them that slows the water pressure to the icemaker. I find it best to replace them both for this type of problem.

Ice maker making ice, but won’t come out thru door

Try these easy fixes! Also helps you fix an ice maker that is frozen up or does not eject ice. Includes how to replace an ice maker. Troubleshooting and repairing an ice maker are jobs that do-it-yourselfers can handle with a little bit of guidance. Here we begin with the most common problem—the ice maker stops making ice.

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When troubleshooting ice maker there are a lot of different things to be aware of. Ice makers are very useful when working correctly, however if there are any problems, it’s important to fix these as quickly as possible. One common problem with ice makers is that they can leak. A leaking ice maker can be a result of a number of different reasons. You will need to put your detective’s cap on in order to inspect and diagnose what is actually causing the problem with your ice maker.

Checking Your Refrigerator For the ice maker to work properly it needs to be perfectly level. If it isn’t level, this can cause leakage.


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If your ice maker isn’t making ice: Make sure the bail wire above the ice tray is in the down position. When it’s up, it shuts off the ice maker. Check the water supply line beneath or behind the refrigerator. Be sure it isn’t kinked and is supplying water.

Water Filtration System B. The water filter compartment is located in the right-hand side of the ice maker controls. Push in on the door to release the latch, and then lower the door. Normal Sounds Your new ice maker may make sounds that are not familiar to you. Because the sounds are new to you, you might be concerned about them.

Most of the new sounds are normal.


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Step by step instructions on how to replace a Complete Ice Maker Assembly # for Refrigerator made by Whirlpool, Kenmore, Maytag. Note: This video is intended to give you the general idea of the part replacement procedure.

Kung Fu Maintenance demonstrates hooking up icemaker water supply line from wall to refrigerator. Bryan Baeumler provides some tips on how to set- up an water dispenser for a fridge. Quick connect tubing connector. Includes one 25′ PEX tubing and fittings for ice and water hook up. Refrigerator Water Supply Kit includes everything needed for easy installation and fits most refrigerators. Refrigerator Water Supply Kit provides water to ice.

This kit includes everything you need for easy installation. It fits most refrigerators and provides water to ice makers, ice and water dispensers, freestanding ice.

Kenmore Frost Free Commercial Upright Freezer Manual

How to Replace a Refrigerator Water Line Refrigerator ice makers are attached to the main water supply pipe that leads to the kitchen. The copper supply line or copper tubing can corrode over time and create pin-size holes that leak. Replacing the copper supply line ensures your kitchen floor and wall do not become water damaged. Turn off the water supply to the ice maker at the main water pipe shutoff valve. Most copper supply lines, commonly called copper tubing, are attached to pipes with a saddle-type shutoff valve or a compression tee.

Turn off the water supply to the copper tubing at the shutoff valve.

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Posted on August 5, I am getting the same pulse pattern, Jon. Did you figure out the problem? Chic Posted on July 21, The model is I ordered a new set of controller boards for the level controller and the system began working a day before the boards arrived. No worry, however, as I now have ice! Little to no ice for a couple weeks now. Even the whirlpool ICE maker service sheet that came with the unit indicated the issue as defective boards.

Being the cynical guy I am, I decided to experiment. Now I have solid light with left flap manually held flat stimulating an empty bin and then flashing twice when the optics blocked simulating a full bin. Whirlpool service sheet and what I gathered from this seems to indicate my unit is working properly again. Now I must wait for that tell tale clunking of ice cubes. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Ryan Posted on August 11, The refrigerators that use the optics control boards do not have the metal bail arm installed on the ice maker.

How to Connect an Ice Maker Like a Pro

The sleek stainless finish complements any kitchen style. Item includes room of choice delivery, unboxing, item hook-up including required parts and free optional haul-away at checkout. Counter-depth design side-by-side with cu. Measure the available space to ensure the item will fit. Capacity is large enough for big households, frequent entertaining, and storing plenty of frozen foods.

With both the ice maker and the ice bin in the door, the SpaceSaver Ice System frees up more storage space on the freezer shelves, and Accela Ice rapidly makes ice.

Refrigerator water line kit – 39 results from brands Whirlpool, U-Line, Dormont, products like Home Master HydroPerfection Loaded Under Sink Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System, Brushed Nickel, Aqua-Pure In Line Icemaker Filter, U-LINE REFRIGERATOR / ICE MAKER – WATER VALVE KIT, Home & .

Push Connect Fittings Type of Plumbing Connections Next, decide what type of tools you will need to get the job done, and it should depend on the type of connections that you will be using. If you will be soldering your joints to copper pipe, you’ll need a lot more material. If soldering, you will be soldering copper pipe straight up to the fridge eliminating a large chance of leakage that most other types of connections bow to eventually.

If you are not soldering your joints, you will be using compression fittings, or the push-on fittings that connect directly to the copper supply piping. With push-on fitting you will copy the route of soldering, and bring your copper pipe right up to the fridge. Compression fittings will utilize a saddle valve off of a copper pipe source make sure it is a the cold water source and bring water to the fridge with a flex line.

This flex line can be copper, or plastic like the ones that come in a refrigerator water installation kit – these can be picked up at the hardware store, and they should have everything you need including the saddle valve.

Hooking Up the Refrigerator Ice Maker