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He started sucking on my tit, expecting milk. He joined the Klan while dating me. He thought cheese was a vegetable. He thought daffodils were animals. He thought Catholics were Jewish because the pope wears a funny hat. He thought being an organ donor meant they could take your organs while you were alive. He really thought that becoming an organ donor meant that, at any time, his organs could be taken. He thought girls could get pregnant from swallowing during a BJ. He thought the sky was a big black blanket and stars were stuck to it. I told him that there were different sizes, brightnesses and distances away.

People Shared Moment They Realized They Were Dating An Idiot

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People have revealed the moment they realised they were ‘dating an idiot’, including a woman who insisted that Paris is not in France and a man who thought you could survive by photosynthesis.

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This is her response. What are other people saying? Oo he was so romantic. What are you doing? She has now walked away and started doing the dishes. He always called when he said he would, and said what he meant. Everything was so easy and comfortable.

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Not your original work? While there are many ways to influence and inspire a person, few are more effective than a well chosen anecdote or piece of advice. Show Full Text Reddit user AWWWshetz asked a question on the AskReddit Subreddit, and the responses collected are a list of occasions when words were so powerful, they literally changed lives.

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FlipBoard Shutterstock As we have well chronicled here, the dating world is a complete minefield to try to navigate these days. Problem is, sometimes these gems are really good at hiding their flaws. Flaws like the fact that they are, well, idiots. I pressured him to actually figure it out…. He blamed the loan company for not telling him how much he was taking out. He blamed them for making him pay it all back.

The question ‘At what moment did you realise you were dating an idiot?’ has sparked more than 22, responses on the AskReddit forum, with users sharing exasperated anecdotes of their.

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My boss showed the entire staff that he has five nipples. He even let one girl touch the 5th one. All thirty of us ended up on top of a mountain at sunrise, naked and drunk. We then went for breakfast and back to work. Second coworker tells him to show him a move, gets choked unconscious.

What happens then when you realize you’re dating a complete and total idiot? Well, according to this AskReddit thread, nothing disillusions a “perfect relationship” faster than hearing your SO.

I always wondered what they were… Then one day, I went over one time and saw her hair straightener lying on the carpet. He asked how I could eat eggs. I told him that lactose was found in dairy, which comes from cows. I pressured him to actually figure it out…. He blamed the loan company for not telling him how much he was taking out. He blamed them for making him pay it all back. I pointed out that the information was on the forms he signed every year. He said that it was unrealistic for them to make him read all of that information.

My favorite part is that his degree is in communication. Disenchanted meant one had stopped chanting. The list goes on and on. She then began to correct me and say we live on the east coast.

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She told me that thinking hard gave her headaches. She thought Al Qaeda was a lone terrorist named Al. She asked me what goes in a black coffee. I watched her water her plastic plant three times.

The universe is enormous and terrifying. There are too many things to know and this is only a small amount of those things. We’re still upset about Pluto.

We can all look back on the books that have shaped our perspective on politics, religion, money, and love. Some will even become a source of inspiration for the rest of your life. From a seemingly infinite list of books of anecdotal or literal merit, we have narrowed down the top books that have shaped the lives of individual men while also helping define broader cultural ideas of what it means to be a man. Let us know in the comments which of these you loved, hated, and the books that meant a lot to you and should have made the list you can even get really indignant about your favorite book.

And without further ado, this is our list. To see a list of just the titles and authors names for easy printing, click here. The Great Gatsby by F.

The moment people realized they were dating an idiot